Multi-Drawer Locks

Euro-Locks France designs, manufactures and supplies a range of multi-drawer locks. Our multi-drawer locks (often used as filing cabinet locks) are designed to lock several drawers by operating one locking mechanism. This works by use of a cast cam which projects axially from the base of the housing.

These locks are commonly used on metal furniture applications such as:

  • Filing cabinets
  • Lateral filing cabinets
  • Multi-drawer cabinets

Here, the locks are separated by housing length, which is measured as the distance from the base of the head to the cam fixing point. Note that the housing length is different to the operating length.

View our range of multi-drawer locks using the links above. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, get in touch for more information on our single lock solutions. 

You don’t need a multi-drawer lock?

Euro-Locks France supplies a wide range of locks and locking systems. We also design and manufacture bespoke, precision solutions. If you would like advice on existing or bespoke lock options please email or contact us on +33 (0) 387 926 111.

Euro-Locks France are part of the Lowe & Fletcher Group who have been supplying locks for industry around the world since 1889.